1. Download NMRPipe, including all 5 files.


Reference: F. Delaglio, S. Grzesiek, G. W. Vuister, G. Zhu, J. Pfeifer and A. Bax: NMRPipe: a multidimensional spectral processing system based on UNIX pipes. J. Biomol. NMR. 6, 277-293 (1995).

2. Make an experimental directory and move the files there. This requires either the sudo command or login as the super user.

$ sudo mkdir /opt/NMRPipe

3. To move files into this new directory, go back to the directory you have saved the files and then move the files.

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ sudo mv NMRPipeX.tZ install.com binval.com talos.tZ dyn.tZ /opt/NMRPipe

4. Change permissions, and decompress the following files.

$ sudo chown -R username:username /opt/NMRPipe
$ cd /opt/NMRPipe
$ tar xvzf NMRPipe.tZ
$ tar xvzf talos.tZ
$ tar xvzf dyn.tZ

5. Install the necessary Ubuntu packages.

$ sudo apt-get install libc6-i386 libx11-6:i386 libxext6:i386

6. Install NMRPipe

$ ./install.com

7. Edit your ~/.bashrc file. (This assumes you’re using a bash shell by default)

$ nano ~/.bashrc

(Add the following to the end of the file)

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/NMRPipe/nmrbin.linux9/:/opt/NMRPipe/com/:/opt/NMRPipe/nmrtxt/:/opt/NMRPipe/nmrtcl/:/opt/NMRPipe/dynamo/tcl/:/opt/NMRPipe/dynamo/com

export baseDir=/opt/NMRPipe export NMRBASE=$baseDir

export NMRTXT=$baseDir/nmrtxt export NMRCOM=$baseDir/nmrcom

export NMRBIN=$baseDir/nmrbin.linux9



export NMR_TCLTK8=TRUE export NMRPIPE_TCL_LIB=/opt/NMRPipe/nmrtcl/tcl8.4

export TCL_LIBRARY=/opt/NMRPipe/nmrtcl/tcl8.4 export TK_LIBRARY=/opt/NMRPipe/nmrbin.linux9/lib/

export BLT_LIBRARY=/opt/NMRPipe/nmrtcl/blt2.4z

export NMRPIPE_TCL_LIB=/opt/NMRPipe/nmrtcl/tcl8.4

export NMRPIPE_TK_LIB=/opt/NMRPipe/nmrtcl/tk8.4

export NMRPIPE_BLT_LIB=/opt/NMRPipe/nmrtcl/blt2.4z

export TCLPATH=/opt/NMRPipe/com

export LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH=/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri

# MFR stuff

export DYNAMO_KEY=2002084

export DYNAMO_DIR=$NMRBASE/dynamo

export DYNAMO_PARAMS=$NMRBASE/dynamo/params

export SURF_DIR=$NMRBASE/dynamo/surface

export PDBH_BASE=/opt/mfr


export PDBH_LIST=$PDBH_BASE/pdbH.list

export PDBH_TAB=$PDBH_DIR/resolution.tab

export talosDir=/opt/talos

export SPARTAP_DIR=/opt/NMRPipe/spartaplus/

export NMRBINTYPE=linux9

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/NMRPipe/nmrbin.linux9/lib/

8. You will need to enter a new terminal before you can start running NMRPipe.

$ bash
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