Bruker 500-MHz Avance III HD

Bruker 500-MHz Avance III HD

The Bruker 500-MHz Avance III HD spectrometer has a room temperature QXI probe, triple axis gradients, temperature controller and automatic tuning. Feed gases are dried, stored in a buffer tank (Parker Balston Model 72-012) and nitrogen separated.


Part Description
Magnet Ascend 500-MHz
Probes Inverse QXI ¹H/²H/¹³C/¹⁵N/³¹P
with auto-tune and 3-axis gradients
Amplifiers BLAXH2H300/100/150 for ¹H/²H/X channel pulsing
  BLA2X500 for X/Y channel pulsing
Gradients Grasp-III x/y/z with 10A per channel
Preamps HPPR/2 with ¹H/²H/¹³C/³¹P preamps
Freq. Gen. SGU3 with DRU/DQD
Temperature BCU-I (0°C)
Console Avance III HD
Software Topspin v3.2

Nutation Field Strengths

Nucleus Power Level pw90 Notes
1H (499.872MHz) -8.4 dB (6.9W) 10μs1 Hard pulse (<100μs)
  27.1 dB (1.9mW) 1.0ms1 Sinc1 water flip back
  31.6 dB 1.0ms1 Selective water flip back
13C (125.699MHz) -23.0 dB (199.5W) 11.6μs Hard pulse (<100μs)
  -8.0 dB (6.35W) 65.0μs Decoupling pulse (<80ms)
15N (50.657MHz) -20.3 dB (106.2W) 47μs Hard pulse (<100μs)
  -7.69 dB (5.87W) 200μs Decoupling pulse (<80ms)
  1. Calibrate on every sample  2 3

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