Bruker 800-MHz NMR (CSB)

The Bruker 800-MHz Avance II spectrometer has a room temperature TXI probe, triple axis gradients and temperature controller. The instrument is located at the Center for Structural Biology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Part Description
Magnet Bruker 800-MHz US²
Probes 1) TXI probe with ¹H/²H/¹³C/¹⁵N pulsing and 3-axis gradients
  2) TCI Cryoprobe with z-axis gradients
Console Avance II
Software Topspin v1.3

Nutation Field Strengths

Nucleus Power Level pw90 Notes
1H (800.2MHz) -1.0 dB 10μs1 Hard pulse (<100μs)
13C (201.2MHz) -5.0 dB 11.8μs Hard pulse (<100μs)
  9.1 dB 60.0μs Decoupling pulse (<80ms)
15N (81.08MHz) -5.0 dB 50μs Hard pulse (<100μs)
  7.9 dB 220μs Decoupling pulse (<80ms)
  1. Calibrate on every sample 

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